Group Members: Gabe Palacios, Stacy Fujitani, Jordi Camps, Abheeth Salgado, Anthony Martinez, Kate Gorrell.

Wine packaging to help teach new wine drinkers about what wine pairs best with their feast.  

The solution was to give the wine personality. The wine narrates through a short sentence what types of food best pairs with that specific wine. The label also achieves this via the pattern work and food illustrations. Aside from food pairing the label design has incorporated the type of wine glass that should be used while enjoying that wine. The glass shape has been die cut onto the label itself to immediately educate on the proper wine glass to use. Lastly the name was chosen. Medley, as it's defined in the dictionary means; a varied mixture of people or things. Wine is typically consumed socially and/or with meals. This mixture of people and food made the name perfect for the concept of the project and for the objective of educating through the packaging of the product.